Occult Lore

A treasure trove of magic for your fantasy roleplaying

Occult Lore at a Glance

  • A resource to add new magic systems to your OGL games.
  • Includes spells, items, classes, creatures, and domains.
  • Provides in-depth rules for ten new magical traditions.

Magical Wonders: More about Occult Lore

Bring the magic to your fantasy world with the Penumbra Occult Lore sourcebook. As with all of the books in this line, this is a modular OGL sourcebook. Pick the elements that fit your world and combine them with your favorite d20 system to play.

This sourcebook contains a variety of magical elements to make running games easier. Drop in new spells for your players to combat or learn, or new items for them to find. Pit them against new magical creatures.

Use the magical classes for player characters or NPCs, or invoke completely new magics with the full rules for ten new magical traditions.

Occult Lore is available in PDF, as the sourcebook is no longer in print.

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Occult Lore: Contents

This 240-page sourcebook contains a variety of magical resources, including ten new magical traditions:

  • Alchemy: Using potions in healing and transformation.
  • Astrology: Placing the wisdom of the stars into the hands of magic users.
  • Solar Hierophants and Lunar Mystagogues: Harnessing the powers of the sun (to become celestial creatures) and moon (to become a master of magical secrecy).
  • Elementalism: Commanding the elements and turn into elemental creatures.
  • Geomancy: Controlling ley lines and locations of power.
  • Herbalism: Using plants to heal and bind spells.
  • Magical Imagination: Using shadow and illusion to create new realities.
  • Oneiromancy: Using the powers of the dream world to affect reality.
  • Rational Magic: Using science and logic to undo magic.
  • Spirit Cultivation: Using the powers of the soul to create reliquaries and focal charms.
  • Sympathetic Magic: Using ritual points to affect targets at a distance.

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  • 2002 OgreCave's Christmas Gift Guide.
  • 2002 ENnie Award Honorable Mention – Best Rules Supplement.
  • 2002 ENnie Award Honorable Mention – Best Graphic Design & Layout.
  • 2002 Out of the Box Award Honorable Mention – Best Supplement.

Vital Stats

Editor: Michelle Nephew
Authors: Keith Baker, Adam Bank, Chris Jones, Scott Reeves, and Elton Robb
MSRP: $29.95 (out of print), $19.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG3214
Barcode: 1-58978-021-3
Format: 240 pages, hardcover and PDF
Release Date: June 2002