Gain the Most Fame!

Re-Chord at a Glance

  • 35 real custom guitar picks
  • Amazing amp box with spot-uv dials and switches
  • 36 hilarious and interesting parody song and band names!
  • Learn REAL guitar chords and progressions
  • Durable neoprene playmat included in every box

Re Chord Set Up Graphic

About Re-Chord 

You are a budding guitarist, a rising star in your genre of music perfecting your craft to become a legend. Using real guitar pick to play chords, can you become the most famous guitarist of all time?


Re-Chord is a set collection and area control game for 1-5 players that takes 40-60 minutes. Guitarists each have a hidden secret color that only they know until the very end of the game. There are three options per turn, but the main action is choosing a pick from either the public draft pile or the bag, then deciding where to place it. Each pick has a power relating to the board or other picks, which creates intense strategic choices. Guitarists attempt to get the most of their color picks onto each fret of the board by the time scoring is triggered. In addition to gaining popularity via area control, players have cards with real guitar chords on them that they attempt to score based on certain pick placements. Play resumes until the first four frets are full, and the player with the highest total popularity score wins.

Re Chord Contents


  • Neoprene Playmat 
  • 56 Chord Cards
  • 35 Guitar Picks
  • 6 Genre Cards
  • Pickbag 
  • 39 Song Cards
  • Scorepad 
  • Rulebook 

Vital Stats

Designer: Marshall Britt, Andrew Toth
Artist: Marshall Britt, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser
Publisher: Yanaguana Games
MSRP: $39.99
Atlas Stock #: YAN2
Barcode: 602573671306
Format: Neoprene Playmat, 56 Chord Cards, 35 Guitar Picks, 6 Genre Cards, Pickbag, 39 Song Cards, Scorepad, and Rulebook in a 10.5”x10.5”x1.75” box
Number of Players: 1-5
Ages: 14+
Play Time: 40-60 minutes
Release Date: 2018