Cthulhu 500

Cthulhu 500 at a Glance

  • A horror-themed racing game for three to eight players.
  • Outrace (and devour) your opponents in this Cthulhu Mythos themed card game.
  • Thematic card titles and art bring the world of Lovecraft to your table.

An Eldritch Racetrack: The World of Cthulhu 500

Take Lovecraft to the races with this horror-themed card game.

In Cthulhu 500, drivers compete to cross the finish line first. But this is no ordinary race!

Here, the Vehicle Man Was Not Meant to Drive vies for supremacy against the Unspeakable Olds. The cars feature Lovecraftian modifications like The Mudflaps Man Was Not Meant to Ogle, and are driven and serviced by creatures like the Fungi from Detroit.

Who will win this squamous race?

Faster than Tentacles: Gameplay Basics

Entering the Mythos racetrack is easy. This boardless racing game keeps the focus on the action and theme. Card layout on the table indicates the pack order.

Each player takes two actions per turn – play an action card, add a pit crew member, make a passing attempt, or make a pit stop.

Increase your speed to pass other drivers, and make increasingly complex attempts to repair the damage to your car. Use mods and crew members to improve your performance.

The player at the front of the pack when the checkered flag is drawn wins the game!


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  • 2005 Origins Award Winner – Best Traditional Card Game.
  • 2005 Origins Award Winner – Gamer’s Choice Award.
  • 2004 OgreCave's Christmas Gift Guide.

Vital Stats

Designer: Jeff Tidball
Artist: Scott Reeves
MSRP: $19.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1260
Barcode: 1-58978-057-4
Format: Two 55-card decks and a rules sheet in a tuckbox
Number of Players: 3-8
Ages: 8+
Play Time: 30-60 minutes
Release Date: August 2004