Cults Across America

Cults Across America

The board game of Cthulhoid domination

Cults Across America at a Glance

  • A tongue-in-cheek Cthulhu Mythos themed board game about cultists trying to take over the United States.
  • Play options offer a variety of rules modifications and play times to suit your needs. Go strategic or let loose in a full out bloodbath!
  • A blend of mechanics — dice rolling, resource management, combat simulations — keep everyone at the table engaged.

The World of Cults Across America

Dominate the United States…in the name of the Elder Gods! Cults Across America is a Cthulhu Mythos themed board game in which you play a group of religious fanatics looking to convert the country to Lovecraftian worship.

It's one of the least serious world domination games out there. Have a good time! Be a little strategic or let loose in a rampage of frothing, foaming, and destruction with a bonus side of tentacles.

Cults Across America Logo

Gameplay Basics

Cults Across America gives you three play options. A standard game takes about two hours. This option balances strategy and randomness. Your best laid strategies might win you the game, or you might be undone when your opponent pulls off a miraculous Mythos 500 win at the last minute.

A strategic game plays similar to the standard game, but removes some of the weird random elements. Sane strategies will get you the win here. Although we think sanity is overrated.

A bloodbath scenario cuts the rules down to remove the fiddly details and lets you get on with the fun: stomping the hell out of anything that isn't on your side. It takes about an hour to play.

Cults Across America Blank Cards

Looking for more Cthuloid madness? Grab a pack of Cults Across America Blank Cards and crank up the craziness with your own Cults Across America innovations.

Vital Stats

Designer: Jeff Tidball
Cover & Cartography: Toren Atkinson
MSRP: $44.95 (Cults) $1.99 (Blanks)
Atlas Stock #: AG1210 (Cults), AG1211 (Blanks)
Barcode: 978-1-887801-63-8 (Cults), no ISBN (Blanks)
Format: Game board, 384 counters, 112 cards, 2 dice, and complete rules of play in a box (Cults), 10 blank cards in a plastic sleeve (Blanks)
Number of Players: 2–6
Ages: 12+
Play Time: 1–2 hours
Release Date: 1998