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Mythic Perspectives was an independent Ars Magica fanzine edited by Damelon Kimbrough, and was published from 1997 to 2001. There were eleven issues, most with 48 pages. Atlas Games is happy to make the remaining stock available to fans through a special arrangement with the publisher.

Mythic Perspectives No. 9, Autumn 1999

Features: * "Loci Europa Fabulosa: Ellan Vannin" by Timothy Ferguson * "Draugadrettin, The Norse Necromancer" by Mark Shirley * "De Singulis Conventuum: Hnchak" by John J. Kasak * "historia gratia historia: Calenture" by Adam Bank

Mythic Perspectives No. 10, Summer 2000

Features: * "De Singulis Conventuum: Starkenburg" by John J. Kasab * "The Legendary Second Half of the Covenant Rules" by David Chart * "Loci Europa Fabulosa: Strongyle" by Timothy Ferguson * "Wards and Rings" by Neil Taylor

Mythic Perspectives No. 11, Spring 2001 (last issue)

Features: * "Loci Europa Fabulosa: Constantinople" by Niall Christie * "The Trollsynir" by Mark Shirley * "Spell Rule Revision" by David Woods * "Turba Philosophorum: Gathering of Philosophers" by Adam Bank and Jeremiah Genest


  • 1998 Origins Award Winner – Best Amateur Game Magazine.