Fairy Tales

Will you believe in magic?

Fairy Tales at a Glance

  • Add variety to your Once Upon a Time games.
  • Bring leprechauns, goblins, and other fairy folk to your stories.
  • Contains a total of 55 cards and requires Once Upon a Time to play.

About Fairy Tales

We're putting the fairy in fairy tales with this Once Upon a Time expansion. The fair folk often play an essential role in fairy tales, and you can bring that to your gaming table with this 55-card expansion. 

Will your fairies affect the story for good or evil? And how exactly did that pixie's wings get tangled in a spider's web? Find out and add more variety to your Once Upon a Time game with Fairy Tales.

Fairy Tales Once Upon a Time


  • 8 Event cards
  • 7 Thing cards
  • 8 Aspect cards
  • 8 Place cards
  • 7 Character cards
  • 17 Ending cards

Once Upon A Time fairy 8

Vital Stats

Game Creators: Richard Lambert, Andrew Rilstone, and James Wallis
Lead Designer: Andrew Rilstone
Artist: Omar Rayyan
MSRP: $14.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1036
Barcode: 978-1-58978-173-3
Format: 55 cards in a tuckbox
Release Date: October 2016