Letter Head Print and Play

The dynamic word forming card game

Players: 1–9 Ages: 4+ Time: 10+ minutes

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Letter Head at a Glance

  • A casual bluffing word game. Easy to teach, fun to play!
  • Uses the same letter frequency analyses used to break codes, so words seem to pop right out of your hand.
  • Play fourteen additional games with this expandable game kit. The rules contain game options for young and old, experienced word gamers and those who are new to the hobby.

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A Bluffing Word Game: Letter Head Basics

Letter Head cards look like a typical playing card deck, but with letters instead of numbers and points instead of suits. Use them to build the highest scoring words and win the game.

Missing a vowel? Use a wild card! Or bluff! When spelling their words, players can choose to put some letters face down. A successful bluff will earn you points. Incorrectly calling a bluff earns your opponent points. May the best bluffer win!

Letter Head is a print-on-demand game. When you place your order at DriveThruCards, you'll receive an immediate PDF download of the rules, and then you'll get the printed cards in the mail. Or you can buy the print-and-play version and make your cards at home!

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A Plethora of Word Games: Alternate Rules

Letter Head also includes rules for the following games:

  • Word Slam: Be the first to find a word using the shared cards and slam it on the table.
  • Red-Handed: Spell words on the table and use them to build your hand.
  • Vultures: Spell words from your hand using a letter from the previous play.
  • Freeze: Draw and discard, and call freeze when you think you have the highest scoring word.
  • My Word: Attempt to form a word from the discard pile before the other players can.
  • Crosswords: Play your letter cards to form connected words like in a crossword puzzle.
  • Crosswords Solitaire: A single player version of Crosswords.
  • Letter Head Solitaire: Form a series of words using every card in the deck.
  • Letter Recall: Remember the letters in a Concentration-style grid and use them to spell words.
  • Word Poker: Similar to five-card draw, but the winner spells the highest scoring word.
  • Seven-Letter Stud: Similar to seven-card stud poker, but the winner spells the highest scoring word.
  • Stormy Letters: Similar to Seven-Letter Stud, but the players share the same face-up letters.
  • Letter Hogs: Be the first player to get three letters in alphabetical order.
  • Letter Perfect: Help a young child learn the alphabet.


  • 2000 Origins Award Nominee – Best Traditional Card Game.

Vital Stats

Designers: Kristan Lawson and Herbert R. Lawson
Graphic Design: Nicolas Gluesenkamp
Rules Writing: Renee Knipe
MSRP: $19.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1231
Format: print on demand (130 cards and rules PDF)
Number of Players: 1–9
Ages: 13+
Play Time: 10 minutes
Release Date: February 2017
Letter Head First Edition