Unwelcome Guests

An expansion for Gloom 2nd edition

Unwelcome Guests at a Glance

  • Enhance your family's misery with unbearable Guests, or pawn disgustingly happy ones off on other families by playing their trigger cards.
  • Adds persistent effects to Guests and Modifiers, which remain in effect even when buried by another card.
  • Contains a total of 55 cards, requires Gloom second edition to play, and adds one player.

About Unwelcome Guests

They say misery loves company, but the families of Gloom probably aren't too thrilled by houseguests. Delight in their suffering with the Unwelcome Guests expansion. This expansion adds Guests who move from family to family, providing persistent effects that add a welcome twist to the Unwelcome gameplay.

Unwelcome Guests miserable masses

New Modifier cards also include persistent effects. Play them to greatest effect to achieve the heights of sorrow and win the game.

Unwelcome Guests adds a new family — the Malone mob. Boils Malone, Bulletproof Bonnie, Chopper Johnson, and more are ready to welcome you to their humble abode in style. The family will make sure you don't get captured by constables and sleep with the fishes.

Unwelcome family

Unwelcome Guests: New Rules

Deal one or more Unwelcome Guests face up to the table's center at the start of the game, setting the rest aside.

Guests "follow" the card types noted on them; no matter where it currently is, a living Guest immediately moves to join the family of the Character on which one of its trigger cards is played. All its Modifiers are moved with it, and it's considered a member of that family until it moves again.

Persistent effects on Guests and Modifiers continue after the card with the effect is buried beneath another card, as long as you can see the persistent icon and the portrait. The effect ends only when the Character is killed or gets a new persistent effect.

Unwelcome Guests   New Rules   Cat

    Vital Stats

    Designer: Keith Baker
    Artist: Todd Remick
    Japanese Rules Translation (1st Edition): Atsushi Moriike
    MSRP: $17.95
    Atlas Stock #: AG1353
    Barcode: 978-1-58978-146-7
    Format: One 55-card deck of transparent cards in a double-width tuckbox
    Release Date: August 2014