Dice Miner Standard Edition

Luck, Skill, Fun, Physics, and Heartening Dwarven Beer

Players: 1-4 Ages: 10+ Time: 20–30 Minutes

Dice Miner Standard at a Glance

  • Choose your hero, push your luck, and build colossal dice combos!
  • A one-of-a-kind of dice drafting game including 60 custom opaque dice, a unique three-dimensional punchboard mountain, six punchboard heroes, a dice bag, and scoring pad.
  • Also includes a compelling solo mode in the best tradition of solitaire gameplay.

Dice Miner Standard Edition Component Spread WEB

Solo Play Mode

Dice Miner includes a great solo mode that’s more than just the multi-player version played against an analog AI. Download the rules or watch a video playthrough to learn more.

Vital Stats

Designers: Joshua DeBonis & Nikola Risteski
Cover & Hero Artist: Grzegorz Pedrycz
Mountain Artist: Lil Chan
Producer & Developer: Jeff Tidball
UPC: 7-00040-01480-6 (Standard Edition), 7-00040-01481-3 (Deluxe Edition)
MSRP: $29.95 (Standard Edition), $49.95 (Deluxe Edition)
Atlas Stock #: AG1480 (Standard Edition), AG1481 (Deluxe Edition)
Number of Players: 1–4
Ages: 10+ standard edition/14+ deluxe edition
Play Time: 20–30 minutes
Release Date: January 2021

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