A Guide To Dream Travel

A bedtime story generator gamebook

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A Guide To Dream Travel at a Glance

  • The whimsical adventure storybook for all ages
  • A bedtime story generator that creates space for imaginations to develop and grow 
  • Features captivating illustrations by author/artist Daniel Stamm

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About A Guide to Dream Travel 

“You’re old enough to visit the Dream Realms yourself now. This book is a DREAM PROJECTOR that will help us plan a dream together, that we’ll explore tonight in our sleep! We’ve been searching for someone to pass it on to … someone with a special talent for dreaming. Finally, we’ve found you! Take good care of it. And may you always have dreams full of wonder, adventure, and magic!”

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Gameplay Basics 

Many parents think they’re terrible storytellers. So they don’t tell stories at all. Luckily, you’re about to hold in your hands not another picture book, but a BEDTIME STORY GENERATOR.

In the hardcover A Guide to Dream Travel, 42 gorgeous full-color 8.5x11" pages filled with story prompts let even the most exhausted parent create fantastical tales for (and better yet, with) their children at bedtime. Just roll a die to step into dream realms of your own imagining!


  • Introductory Letter
  • Chapter 1: Where Shall We Go Tonight? 
  • Chapter 2: How Do We Travel While We Are There? 
  • Chapter 3: What is Our Special Power? 
  • Chapter 4: Whom Do We Meet on Our Journey?
  • Chapter 5: What Amazing Adventure Do We Go On?

Vital Stats

Author: Daniel Stamm
Artist: Daniel Stamm
Producer: Michelle Nephew
Assistant Producer: Ben Hartfield
Difficulty: 1/5
MSRP: $19.95
Atlas Stock #: AG2805
Barcode: 978-1-58978-249-5
Format: 44-page full-color 8.5x11” hardcover picturebook
Release Date: July 2024