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Infinite & Fun

InFUNity Tiles at a Glance

  • An infinite, freeform puzzle activity
  • Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic
  • Fun and educational for kids and adults

About InFUNity

InFUNity Tiles turn math concepts into a fun, tactile, freeform puzzle experience for all ages. The aperiodic "einstein shape" pieces connect endlessly … but they can also misconnect in "wrong" ways that lead to gaps that can't be filled. It's more challenging than it looks!

What's an "einstein shape?" In March 2022 the breakthrough discovery in mathematics was announced, of the "aperiodic monotile" or "einstein shape" dubbed the Hat. The elusive design was sought for over fifty years … many doubted it could even exist! This single shape can cover an entire plane to infinity without any repeating pattern. Finding the right fit is an engrossing activity that's both infinite and fun. And thus InFUNity was born!

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Gameplay Basics

InFUNity Tiles aren't necessarily a game, but they could be! These tiles are such a new concept to the world that their uses are still being discovered. You can use them as an infinite puzzle activity, you could create a customizable gameboard, you could teach mathematic concepts with them in a classroom setting, or you could even tile a bathroom backsplash! And with two different sizes and a variety of colors, InFUNity aperiodic tiles are fun for all ages.

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