Hattie the Turtle Stickers

Hattie The Turtle - a Turtle with a Hat!

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Look for our new InFUNity Tiles puzzling game tiles made from RECYCLED plastic, in stores in April 2024.

Hattie Stickers at a Glance 

  • Cute and fun turtle mascot for InFUNity Tiles
  • 4 high-quality, water-resistant stickers
  • Decorate your laptop, water botttle, and more!

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About Hattie Stickers 

Hattie the Turtle was created by Atlas Games' Michelle Nephew's daughter, Emilia! Hattie is the InFUNity tiles mascot because she is a turtle wearing a hat - which are two shapes that the 13-sided aperiodic monotile shape can come in. Hattie is seen wearing or hiding inside of the Einstein-style hat in the stickers, and you can see that her shell is made of aperiodic tiles, instead of traditionally turtle-like hexagons. Let her fun and cute face geometrically grace your belongings and share InFUNity with the world. 

Vital Stats

Artist: Emilia Nephew
Producer: Michelle Nephew
MSRP: $11.95
Atlas Stock #: AG7002
Format: 4 high-quality stickers