Dream Travel Stickers

Whimsical stickers to decorate your stuff

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Look for it in stores in July.

Dream Travel Stickers at a Glance

  • 6 high-quality water-resistant stickers
  • Features the clever elves and their contraptions

Dream Travel Stickers Spread WEB TRANSPARENT

About Dream Travel Stickers

These six whimsical stickers portray the elves of A Guide to Dream Travel bedtime story generator book, working on their clever contraptions, plus the Dream Travel logo. Use them to decorate your laptop, water bottle, or whatever you like!

Vital Stats

Artist: Daniel Stamm
Producer: Michelle Nephew
Assistant Producer: Ben Hartfield
MSRP: $11.95
Atlas Stock #: AG2807
Barcode: 7-00040-02807-0
Format: 6 stickers of Dream Travel’s elves, approx 2x3” each
Release Date: July 2024