Planegea 5E Deluxe Set

The Deluxe Set for 5E Prehistoric Fantasy

Coming Soon!

In stores in spring 2023! Preorder the standard edition now, then sign up here for Planegea News. (Deluxe edition not available for preorder, sorry.)

Planegea Deluxe Set at a Glance

  • Upgrade your adventure with the premium dino-green embossed leatherette cover!
  • The set also includes two more products: the Planegea GM Screen and In the Lair of the Night Thing adventure.
  • The books and GM screen are bundled together inside the deluxe slipcase to protect them all.

The World of Planegea

It’s time for heroes who can hear the clan-drums and star-song to rise to the call! The Deluxe Planegea 5E Set puts the very best of this primordial world in your hands. Upgrade to the deluxe version of The Star-Shaman’s Song of Planegea, with premium dino-green embossed leatherette cover! This book is available exclusively as part of the Deluxe Planegea 5E Set and is not offered separately.

Deluxe set mockup plants

Vital Stats

MSRP: $124.95
Atlas Stock #: AG3721
Barcode: 9781589782181
Format: 350+ page full color hardcover embossed foil leatherette book in a slipcase, with a 3-panel hardcover stock GM Screen, and a softcover 32-page adventure book
Release Date: Summer 2022