Planegea 5E Deluxe Set

The Deluxe Set for 5E Prehistoric Fantasy

Planegea Deluxe Set at a Glance

  • Upgrade your adventure with the premium dino-green embossed leatherette cover!
  • The set also includes two more products: the Planegea GM Screen and In the Lair of the Night Thing adventure.
  • The books and GM screen are bundled together inside the deluxe slipcase to protect them all.

The World of Planegea

It’s time for heroes who can hear the clan-drums and star-song to rise to the call! The Deluxe Planegea 5E Set puts the very best of this primordial world in your hands. Upgrade to the deluxe version of The Star-Shaman’s Song of Planegea, with premium dino-green embossed leatherette cover! This book is available exclusively as part of the Deluxe Planegea 5E Set and is not offered separately.

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Vital Stats

Author: David Somerville
Producer: Justin Alexander
MSRP: $124.95
Atlas Stock #: AG3721
Barcode: 9781589782181
Format: 382-page full color hardcover embossed foil leatherette book in a magnetic collector’s case, with a 3-panel hardcover GM Screen & 8-page reference booklet, and a softcover 32-page adventure book
Release Date: July 2023