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The Prehistoric Fantasy Setting for 5E

Planegea at a Glance

Discover a world of raw action, primordial horror, and mystic awe.

Planegea is a prehistoric fantasy campaign setting, where a dungeon means the curse-painted caves of a cannibal clan. Gone are the safe hearths of taverns and libraries, kingdoms and cathedrals. Planegea is a place of utter wildness, where survival is the only law and it must be carved from the world by force of might and magic.

Nothing is as you expect in Planegea. Elves are shimmering dream-walkers, dwarves are half stone, humans are beast-tamers, halflings are silent stalkers, gnomes are filthy scavengers, and dragonborn are just a heartbeat away from their draconic ancestors.

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Primordial Setting

Planegea rises out of our earliest ancestral memory, a new-born world just barely recognizable, which holds all the adventure we can imagine. Drawn from the traditions of sword & sorcery pulp adventures, infused with the blood-pounding thrills of the Fury Road, and caught in the jaws of primordial dreams, Planegea calls to those who've felt the cold wind raise a chill of hunt and hope on their raw skin. It is a realm where the planes of existence have not yet separated, and a great warrior can travel by foot from the Sea of Stars to the infinite, volcanic peaks of Blood Mountain.

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Along the way, you must battle everything from cold, alien intelligences to the genie caravans; from the four empires of the giants to the roaring oceans that ring the Great Valley; from the cold, bony fingers of the Nightmare World to the terrifying jaws of the jungle known as the Venom Abyss. Planegea offers endless adventure!

Campaign Hooks

  • Proto-Gods. There are no universal gods; gods are physical entities such as bears, trees, or waterfalls that have gathered magical power, are tied to their location, and require the help of mortals to carry out their will.
  • Hounds of the Blind Heaven. A mysterious metaphysical force attacks and kills anyone who breaks the Black Taboos: No coins, wheels, writing, or numbers over 9.
  • Giant Empires. Between mortal lands and elemental wastes stand the four empires of giants—the Air Empire, Sea Empire, Stone Empire, and Fire Empire. Each is powerful, corrupt, and an ever-present threat for the mortals who dwell near it.

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    • Blood Mountain & Venom Abyss. An impossibly tall volcano rises from a primordial jungle at the center of the world. In the volcano, the Worldheart Dragon dreams all into existence, and in the jungle, monsters ooze and evolve.
    • Aberrant Vaults. Buried under the land throughout Planegea are strange chambers once occupied by alien beings hostile to mortal life. These vaults are menaces and opportunities for those who seek strange treasure.
    • Much More. From dancing, intelligent stars to mind-controlled cults, from imprisoned deities to skyfaring raiders, from necromantic dinosaur-folk to moon palaces, Planegea bristles with opportunities for adventure! 

    350+ Pages of New Material

    The Planegea core book is a massive work, containing over 350 pages of all-new material, crafted for both players and DMs. It includes:

    • 65+ new monsters. Battle dinosaur swarms, Ice Age megafauna, giant bugs, gods, new celestials, shape-shifting jungle horrors, and much more.
    • 20 new monster templates. Adapt monsters from any source to a more primal form, using templates to make familiar foes surprising and feral.
    • 4 new kinships (races). In addition to the elves and dwarves of your party, add the walking trees called Dreas, the ever-hungry Half-Ooze, the ancient Saurian, or the fallen Starling.
    • 4 new subclasses. Adventure as the Dark Forest Warlock, the Dream Sorcerer, the Path of the Farstriker Barbarian, or the Way of Abnegation Monk.
    • 20 new backgrounds. Tie your PC into the world with backgrounds arising from key setting locations or life paths such as Caretaker, Captive, or Outcast.

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    • 30+ new spells. Bend the world to your will with all-new primal magic, from simple cantrips to 9th level spells.
    • 60+ new magic items. Wield new takes on classic items, original weapons and items from common to legendary, and Magic Masks that channel the powers of monsters.
    • 95+ locations. Journey through every environment in 5E with adventure-rich locations bursting with quest hooks, culture, and memorable encounters
    • 11 factions. Make allies or enemies in the Great Valley and beyond with diverse factions, vying for survival and power with distinct methods and goals.
    • 13 threats. Confront world-shaping evils of every kind, with enough inspiration for countless campaigns from 1st–20th level.
    ”If Planegea were any cooler, we'd have to measure it in degrees friggin' Kelvin."
    –Sparky McDibben, Bugbear in the Playground