Stone Age Soundtrack

Prehistoric Sounds for Your Planegea Campaign

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Stone Age Soundtrack at a Glance

  • Custom-created background music for Planegea
  • Commissioned from Italian creator Sonor Village

The World of Stone Age Soundtrack

Enjoy the immersive, suspenseful mood-setting music of Stone Age Soundtrack: On the Hunt in your own Planegea campaign. Atlas Games has commissioned the Italian group Sonor Village specially for this project. They create exceptional soundtracks for cinema, TV, documentaries, commercials, jingles, books, and games. See their work on YouTube.

Stone Age Soundtrack: On the Hunt is a 54 minute soundtrack, including 6 music tracks (including the kinetic action version of the Planegea theme!), 6 ambient tracks (liked alarmed dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions), and 6 combined tracks bringing music and ambient tracks together into a comprehensive audio experience for your game table.

Soundtrack mockup plants3

Vital Stats

MSRP: $4.99 each soundtrack
Atlas Stock #: AG3724
Format: digital files
Release Date: Summer 2022

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