Songs of the Stone Age

Prehistoric Sounds for Your Planegea Campaign

Songs of the Stone Age at a Glance

  • Custom-created background music for Planegea
  • Unique ambient tracks for Stone Age fantasy
  • A 5-album collection, including exclusive remix tracks combining music and ambient effects for easy use at your gaming table
  • Created by Sonor Village, the acclaimed RPG soundtrack specialists

Planegea Stone Age Soundtrack Quote

About the Stone Age Soundtrack

Enjoy the immersive, suspenseful mood-setting music of Songs of the Stone Age in your own Planegea campaign. Atlas Games has commissioned the Italian group Sonor Village specially for this project. They create exceptional soundtracks for cinema, TV, documentaries, commercials, jingles, books, and games. See their work on YouTube.

Songs of the Stone Age is a 5-album collection, including 18 music tracks (including the kinetic action version of the Planegea theme!), 18 ambient tracks (liked alarmed dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions), and 18 remix tracks bringing music and ambient tracks together into a comprehensive audio experience for your game table.

Songs of the Stone Age: Track List

Volume 1: On the Hunt

  1. Cry of the Hunter (Theme of Planegea - Kinetic Action)
  2. Where the Trees Watch
  3. Dinosaur Stomp
  4. The Fall of Free Citadel
  5. Eruption
  6. Rumble Triumphant

Volume 2: In Sacred Places

  1. Seerfall Dawning (Theme of Planegea - Mystic Wonder)
  2. Hallow of Light
  3. Dance of the Clanfire
  4. The Voice of Twr
  5. Divine Quest
  6. Fate of the Visitant

Volume 3: Through the Dark

  1. Vault of the Aberrant (Theme of Planegea - Primordial Horror)
  2. Infestation
  3. Imperial Oubliette
  4. Venomspawn Canopy
  5. In the Shadow of the Wyrm
  6. The Gift of Thirst

Sounds of the Stone Age (Ambient Tracks)

  1. Blood Mountain
  2. Chanting
  3. Clan Migrating
  4. Clanfire
  5. Dinosaur Alarmed
  6. Forest
  7. Gathering
  8. Giant Shouting
  9. Hunters
  10. Mammoths
  11. Primeval Animal Rumbles
  12. Sea of Stars
  13. Spellskin's Cave
  14. Stampede
  15. Stardance
  16. The Venom Abyss
  17. Volcano Eruption
  18. Watering Hole

Star-Shaman's Remix

  1. Cry of the Hunter REMIX
  2. Where the Trees Watch REMIX
  3. Dinosaur Stomp REMIX
  4. Free Citadel REMIX
  5. Eruption REMIX
  6. Rumble Triumphant REMIX
  7. Seerfall REMIX
  8. Hallow of Light REMIX
  9. Dance of the Clanfire REMIX
  10. Voice of Twr REMIX
  11. Divine Quest REMIX
  12. Visitant REMIX
  13. Aberrant REMIX
  14. Infestation REMIX
  15. Imperial Oubliette REMIX
  16. Venomspawn REMIX
  17. Shadow of the Wyrm REMIX
  18. Gift of Thirst REMIX

Vital Stats

Musician: Sonor Village
Producer: Justin Alexander
MSRP: 14.99
Atlas Stock #: AG3724
Format: digital files
Release Date: Summer 2022