Thin Black Line

An unofficial Unknown Armies supplement

Thin Black Line at a Glance

  • Take a different look at the chaotic world of Unknown Armies second edition with this free PDF-only supplement about the supernatural hunters of the Order of St. Cecil.
  • Put a new spin on PCs with instructions on how to make Order characters, including a new school of magick—Charismata.
  • Get your holy artifacts, make your preparations, and get ready to fight monsters and exorcise demons in this new twist to the occult underground.

Bring Order to Chaos: More about Thin Black Line

The legend of St. Cecil and the Moorish sorcerer Al-Sulayman may be allegory. Either way, the Order of St. Cecil, an organization of supernatural-hunting Catholic priests and their allies, works to bring peace to a crazy world of occult weirdness.

Learn more about the Order in this free, non-canonical, PDF-only supplement for Unknown Armies second edition. Play Order characters using the materials within, including the Charismatic school of magick. Plot hooks and background information will bring a little order to your next gaming night too.

Thin Black Line is out of print. This supplement requires Unknown Armies second edition to play.

Thin Black Line: Contents

  • The Light of Truth Blinds
  • The Pure of Heart
  • The Gifts of the Spirit
  • The World Around Us
  • Appendix: What Has Come Before

Vital Stats

Author: Chad Underkoffler
Producer: Jeff Tidball
Illustrator: Christian N. St. Pierre
MSRP: Free
Atlas Stock #: AG6009PDF
Format: 24-page PDF
Release Date: March 2013