Shadows Expansion

Shadows at a Glance

  • Add more variety to your On the Edge CCG games with this 117-card collection of Al Amarja insanity.
  • This character-heavy expansion brings a variety of new recruits to enforce your nefarious plots.
  • Each randomized pack contains 10 cards and requires an On the Edge starter deck to play.

Pawns in Your Struggle: More about Shadows

The 117-card Shadows expansion brings more variety — and more characters to recruit — to your On the Edge games. Card diversity is vitally important in a CCG that doesn't allow the same character to appear multiple times on the table except in special circumstances.

This character-heavy set adds a wide variety of potential recruits to your deck. Your next plot could hinge on a washed up cleaner, an alien contactee, or the ratmaster. Find these characters and more in Shadows.

On the Edge requires a starter set to play.

Card List

The following card list provides card number, title, artist, and rarity.

  • D1 About the Low-Lifes (Ferguson, U1)
  • D2 Crime & Punishment (Ferguson, U1)
  • D3 Mr. LeThuy's Secret (Ferguson, U1)
  • D4 The Net's Secret (Ferguson, U1)
  • D5 Monty Albion (Houston, U3)
  • D6 All-Fours (Hogan, U1)
  • D7 Ghadir Allemi (Raupp, U1)
  • D8 Lyubov Anatova (Small, U1)
  • D9 Alicia Andromeda (Moyer, C2)
  • D10 Annie the Rib (Moyer, C2)
  • D11 Astral Tempest (Marshall, C3)
  • D12 Atavism: Priestess of Mu (Shuler, U1)
  • D13 Tommy Bakka (Hogan, U3)
  • D14 Andrew Banks (Moyer, U1)
  • D15 Rixa Bekker (Shuler, U3)
  • D16 Bolstered Heart (Ferguson, U1)
  • D17 Dr. Renee Boneau (Raupp, U1)
  • D18 Bums' Rush (Haddad, C4)
  • D19 Ace J. Cirrus (Beel, C3)
  • D20 Contacts in the CPC (Beel, C2)
  • D21 Jorge Corriendo (Moyer, U3)
  • D22 Crackdown (Kirkbride, U1)
  • D23 Monique D'Aubainne (Raupp, U1)
  • D24 De-Individuator (Bollt, U3)
  • D25 Dead, Dead, Dead (Daggar, C4)
  • D26 T. Joe Dreck (Moyer, U3)
  • D27 Eel (Hull, U2)
  • D28 El Zod 7 (Hull, C2)
  • D29 Facelessness (Casper, C3)
  • D30 May Ferendi (Raupp, U1)
  • D31 Roz Fernseh (Hogan, U2)
  • D32 Otto Finkelstein (Emond, U2)
  • D33 Fishwipe (Daggar, C2)
  • D34 Flux (Hogan, U2)
  • D35 Formless (Moyer, U2)
  • D36 Betty Frenum (Thornberry, U1)
  • D37 Friends in Justice Barrio (Daggar, C4)
  • D38 Friends Under the Street (Hogan, C4)
  • D39 Miriam Galaxy (Snyder, C3)
  • D40 Pepper Grange (Houston, C3)
  • D41 Julie Grouse (Kirkbride, U1)
  • D42 Thunder Gruen (Houston, U2)
  • D43 Jill Grunder (Thornberry, U2)
  • D44 Gum It Up (Casper, C4)
  • D45 Roman Gundle (Emond, U2)
  • D46 Hack-Master (Thornberry, C2)
  • D47 Eddie Haggle (Ferguson, U3)
  • D48 Barber Hammock (Bell, U1)
  • D49 Hand Out to the Lost (Warren, C3)
  • D50 Heating Up (Polkavitz, U2)
  • D51 Jerry Heckle (Lancaster, U1)
  • D52 Consuela Herrera (Ferguson, U2)
  • D53 Honor Among Thieves (Raupp, C4)
  • D54 Howdah (Houston, U2)
  • D55 Anya Huesco (Moyer, U1)
  • D56 Azza Jami (Moyer, U3)
  • D57 Knobs (Raupp, C3)
  • D58 Kwik Klinik (Houston, U2)
  • D59 LeThuy Injection (Marshall, C2)
  • D60 Mr. Tramh LeThuy (Houston, U1)
  • D61 Giovanni Mancini (Snyder, U1)
  • D62 Freddie Manger (Small, U3)
  • D63 Gregory Mantle (Beel, U3)
  • D64 Kalev Maran (Raupp, U2)
  • D65 Rita Milagro (Bell, U1)
  • D66 Vincent Moire (Emond, C2)
  • D67 Moonsilk (Bollt, U2)
  • D68 Ajay Obalago (Lancaster, U1)
  • D69 Rodney Odge (Casper, C2)
  • D70 Seiji Ogata (Moyer, U1)
  • D71 Lissy Omgek (Lancaster, U1)
  • D72 Orders From Tomorrow (Lancaster, C2)
  • D73 Giurgiu Otinka (Small, U1)
  • D74 Otz (Houston, U3)
  • D75 Elizabeth Pock (Bell, U1)
  • D76 Lujayn Qufra (Small, U1)
  • D77 Hank Ramas (Snyder, C2)
  • D78 Wanda Rod (Snyder, U2)
  • D79 Alonzo Rubio (Lancaster, U1)
  • D80 Norton Rumple (Emond, C2)
  • D81 Benjamin Sells (Haddad, C2)
  • D82 Shake 'Em Out (Thornberry, C3)
  • D83 Gayth Silver (Ferguson, C2)
  • D84 Slaughter (Ferguson, U2)
  • D85 Sludge (Haddad, C2P
  • D86 Smack Back Attack (Despain, C4)
  • D87 Spike (Emond, C2)
  • D88 Squeaks (Thornberry, U3)
  • D89 Aniela Stansky (Kirkbride, U2)
  • D90 Startle (Daggar, C2)
  • D91 Starwalk (Lancaster, C2)
  • D92 Robert Stop (Emond, C2)
  • D93 Cooper Syme (Raupp, C2)
  • D94 Rod "Scabs" Tar (Houston, C2)
  • D95 Fea Terronez (Houston, U1)
  • D96 "The Radiator" (Ferguson, U2)
  • D97 The Skids (Hull, C3)
  • D98 The Squeeze (Lancaster, C3)
  • D99 Clyde Throckmorton (Raupp, U1)
  • D100 Dolores Titania (Lancaster, U1)
  • D101 Touchy Explosives (Despain, C3)
  • D102 Underworld Contacts (Bell, C3)
  • D103 Vibro Blaster (Marshall, C3)
  • D104 Vortex (Bollt, U1)
  • D105 Tanja Voss (Lancaster, U1)
  • D106 Simon Wallop (Shuler, C2)
  • D107 Walter Was (Beel, U3)
  • D108 Great White (Haddad, C2)
  • D109 Rhonda Widdershins (Thornberry, C2)
  • D110 Wrench (Raupp, C2)
  • D111 Xotok (Bollt, U1)
  • D112 Sandy Yama (Haddad, C2)
  • D113 Margarita Yelmo (Houston, U2)
  • D114 Omni Yushka (Snyder, C2)
  • D115 Oma Zero (Thornberry, U3)
  • D116 Laura Zoom (Thornberry, U1)
  • D117 M'ay Zung (Bollt, U1)

Vital Stats

Designer: Jonathan Tweet
MSRP: $1.95 US (single booster pack), $117.00 US (display of 60 boosters)
Atlas Stock #: AG2522 (single booster pack), AG2523 (display of 60 boosters)
Barcode: 1-887801-25-1 (single booster pack), 1-887801-26-X (display of 60 boosters)
Format: 10 randomized cards in a cellophane wrapper
Release Date: 1995