Bring Me the Head of the Comte de Saint-Germain - Tournament

An Unknown Armies online tournament GM’d by co-creator Greg Stolze

Players: 35 (first round) Ages: 18+ Time: 150 minutes (first round)

Scenario Overview

The universe’s cosmic superintendent, the Comte de Saint-Germain, has made a terrible mistake. If reversing it requires the destruction of all human life, what’s the big deal? 

Elsewhere in time — here in the modern day — you’ve seen visions of a stone head, the “Bonesetter of Days and Years,” carved from ancient rock in the great plains of what’s now America. Today it sits in a museum in Quebec, overlooking the Saint Lawrence seaway. When your colleague Mara asks you about stealing it, you discover that it’s impossible to refuse.

Tournament Overview

  • Unknown Armies co-creator Greg Stolze has created an all-new adventure for this award-winning RPG system. This summer, he’s GMing it for a select group of players in a three-round tournament.
  • This tournament will take place online, allowing you to experience Greg’s twisted genius from the comfort of your home.
  • Tickets are $50 and include a coupon for $30 off your Atlas Games webstore order of $31 or more. We considered including a copy of the core rulebook with each ticket purchase, but have decided to let you choose your own products instead.
  • Meet fellow roleplayers from around the world, delve into an epic new scenario, and get to know one of the game’s creators!

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The World of Unknown Armies

Unknown Armies is a horror game set in an alternate version of our world where magick is real. The universe is caught in a power struggle between the Invisible Clergy — a group of beings so dedicated to certain human attributes that they become archetypes of them. Your characters know magick is real, and some can wield it themselves.

Tournament Structure

  • This is a three-round elimination roleplaying tournament.
  • The tournament will take place over Zoom.
  • After each round, anonymous player surveys and Greg’s feedback determine which players progress to the next round.
  • The winner of the tournament will be recognized on our new tournament hall of fame alongside the runner-up. All four final-round participants will receive a certificate of achievement and a custom embroidered patch, suitable for adding to your official RPG jean jacket. As you may be able to tell, this tournament is less about crowning a winner and more about getting people playing a great game.

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Tournament Schedule

First Round (7 Games)

  • Saturday, 5/16 - 7pm US Central Time
  • Monday, 5/18 - 12pm US Central Time
  • Tuesday, 5/19 - 7pm US Central Time
  • Wednesday, 5/20 - 7pm US Central Time
  • Friday, 5/22 - 7pm US Central Time
  • Saturday, 5/23 - 7pm US Central Time
  • Sunday, 5/24 - 7pm US Central Time

Second Round (2 Games)

  • Friday, 5/29 - 7pm US Central Time
  • Saturday, 5/30 - 7pm US Central Time

Final Round (1 Game)

  • Friday, 6/5 - 7pm US Central Time

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Details and Expectations

  • You will choose the date and time for your first game when you purchase your ticket. However, dates and times for the second and third rounds are fixed. Please ensure you are free for later rounds, should you advance.
  • This tournament will take place over Zoom. Players must have adequate video, audio, and bandwidth.
  • Each session will begin promptly and last 2-2.5 hours. Failure to show at the Zoom call within 10 minutes of your scheduled start time may result in forfeiture of your spot, and refunds will not be made.
  • You will choose your character when you purchase your ticket. A character sheet will be sent to you in the 48 hours before your game.
  • Players should be familiar with Unknown Armies 3rd Edition, whether from experience playing or from looking over Book One: Play. Players will jump right in; this is not a demo game.
  • Players will be making their own rolls during the game and should provide their own dice (2d10).
  • We are committed to making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Please be sure to read the content warning below. If you have specific concerns, contact us before purchasing.
  • All players are expected to abide by our code of conduct. In addition to being a considerate, engaged player, we expect you to play fairly.

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Price and Inclusions

  • Tickets are $50 and include a coupon for $30 off your Atlas Games webstore order of $31 or more. We considered including a copy of the core rulebook with each ticket purchase, but have decided to let you choose your own products instead.
  • The first two rounds of the tournament will be recorded, edited, and added to YouTube; the final round will be streamed live on YouTube. If you are not comfortable appearing on video, this tournament is not for you.
  • Tickets are limited! Once a date sells out, no more tickets will be available..
  • Later this year, every participant will receive a digital copy of the adventure Greg is creating and running. The adventure will also be available for purchase.

Character Snapshots

Choose your character for the first round when you purchase your ticket. It’s possible but not guaranteed that you may play a different character if you advance to the next round.

  • Cloissoné Farr. You’re nineteen years old and your weird mom’s resentful chauffeur.
  • Kim Bellears. You used to be a hacker for the US Marine Corps, but you’ve had some health issues.
  • Jesse Viscarrat. You used to be a carny. Now you’re a burglar.
  • Dr. Angel Culbard. You’re a respected retired physician with something of a spirit guide.
  • Karen Conti. You’re a vestimancer, casting spells by and through garments.

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Content Warning from Greg Stolze

This is a horror game. You are not obligated to play, and if you say you don’t want to, your GM should respect that. It’s easier on everyone if people who aren’t going to have fun recuse themselves at the start, rather than in the middle, so some issues that these scenarios might touch on include…

  • Child harm, including death
  • Violence, and possibly not of the evenly-matched action RPG type but rather the “five guys take turns kicking somebody” variety
  • Unwholesome sexual relationships
  • Mythological incest, though it’s offscreen, in the past, and only alluded-to
  • Characters being deprotagonized. “Your guy” may die in the most random, unfair way imaginable, forcing you to take on a new role next session.

Atlas Games’ Event Code of Conduct

All participants should abide by common-sense standards of behavior, courtesy, and fairness. Harassment and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to hurtful or offensive comments, stalking, intimidation, unwelcome attention, and sustained disruption of any events; whether in person or online; and before, during, and after the tournament.

Atlas Games reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the ticket and participation privileges of any player not in compliance with our code of conduct.

If you experience or witness harassment, contact Atlas Games staff immediately via email, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter direct messages.