Murder of Crows

Uncover the story of a murder most fowl!

Players: 2–4 players Ages: 14+ Time: 15–20 minutes

Murder of Crows at a Glance

  • A set collection game for two to five players.
  • Spell the word "murder" with your cards and learn how the crime was committed.
  • Each letter card has a special ability when played, and Wild Crow cards can stand in for any letter.

A Murder Most Foul: The World of Murder of Crows

A murder has occurred. But how did it happen? Who did it? Why?

Be the first player to spell the word "murder" and find out in this fast-paced set collection card game.

With evocative, atmospheric art courtesy of Dungeoneer creator Thomas Denmark, Murder of Crows will bring a murder most foul to your game table.

Moc diagram

Birds of a Feather: Gameplay Basics

In Murder of Crows, players work to collect all of the letters necessary to spell "murder." Each letter card contains information about the crime at hand — the who, what, where, why, and how.

Each letter played has a special ability. Plan your approach to make the most of additional draws, forced discards, and steals. Discard matching cards — or Wild Crows — to be immune to a special effect.

The first player to complete the word "murder" wins the game and tells the story of the murder from their cards.

Add gameplay variety with The Murdered Third two-player variant and make your own custom cards (see the "Resources" sidebar).

Who was murdered? Why? Find out in Murder of Crows.

CardCreatorLarge murderofcrows 1

Vital Stats

Designers: Thomas Denmark and Eduardo Baraf
Editing and Production: Michelle Nephew and Kyla McCorkle Tonding
Illustrations: Thomas Denmark
Additional Graphic Design: Nicolas Gluesenkamp
Murdered Third Design: Jake Tonding and Kyla McCorkle Tonding
MSRP: $14.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1342
Barcode: 978-1-58978-178-8
Format: 61 tarot-sized playing cards in a tin
Number of Players: 2–5
Ages: 13+
Play Time: 20 minutes
Release Date: September 2017
Murder of Crows First Edition

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