Back to the Stone Age: Planegea Has Arrived!

Published by: Heather O'Neill

Long has our clan scanned the horizon, watching for the telltale dust clouds of an incoming train of mammoths, sauropods, or other beasts of burden carrying treasures from afar to our clanfire. At last the caravan has delivered! And now arrayed before us are the gifts of a distant land, awaiting distribution to our patiently waiting Planegean kinfolk.

In other words, all of the Planegea products have arrived in our warehouse! It's been a long trek to get here (the invention of wheels would have really helped things along, in retrospect). Much as the meat is carved and distributed after a great megafauna hunt, we're now preparing individual packages of precious stone age 5E goodness for our clan runners to dispatch all over the world.

Our first priority is to fulfill our Kickstarter backer pledges. We're already packaging up those books, and will begin handing them over to carriers on July 5th. Then we'll move on to fulfill pre-orders for other customers, distributors, and retailers.


If you missed the Kickstarter, now's the time to lay claim to your own copy of Planegea! Contact your favorite game store and make sure they've ordered it for you. Or, visit our web store to get the PDFs now or to place a pre-order for the books to ship in July. Our web store also has a limited quantity of Planegea Deluxe Sets beyond what's committed to Kickstarter backers!

*We regret that In the Lair of the Night Thing sold out in advance of release. We've ordered a reprint and expect it to arrive by September. Pre-orders for it will open closer to release, but the PDF is available now.


We've just posted two new freebies that you can get NOW on our website:



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