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Adventures in Tabloid World

Pandemonium at a Glance

  • A tongue-in-cheek roleplaying game set in the weird world of tabloid news. Research the headlines! Interview the aliens! Be besties with Bigfoot!
  • Provides both EZ Rules and Very Complicated Rules to suit your gaming style and time limits.
  • The Stranger Than Truth! supplement provides starter adventures for no-prep gaming.

You Won't Believe It: More about Pandemonium

Enter the world of tabloid news: a place where aliens walk among us, conspiracies are around every corner, and Elvis works in a fast food restaurant. Pandemonium is a humorous RPG set in Tabloid World, an alternate Earth where all of the tabloid headlines are true.

In Pandemonium, the characters are Paranormal Investigators who research unusual phenomena for the Weekly Weird News. Use the EZ Rules for streamlined play with pre-generated characters, or the Very Complicated Rules for custom characters and crunchier rules.

Pandemonium and Stranger Than Truth! are out of print.


Stranger Than Truth! is a supplement that contains six short Pandemonium adventures:

  • Sasquatch Snatches Starlet! Bigfoot has given up the zany bachelor life.
  • Rainforest Nazi Crunch! Brazilian Nazis are making ice cream in the unplumbed depths of the Amazon.
  • The Damnation Army! Satanic cultists are on the prowl.
  • Shriners Go Nuts! A bunch of wacky guys in polyester pants and red fezzes are on the loose.
  • The Long, Long Grudge! A deranged serial killer is on the loose in Hometown, USA.
  • Conspiracon III! The third-annual national conspiracy buff convention.

Vital Stats

Author (Pandemonium): Stephen Michael Sechi
Additional Material (Pandemonium): Robin D. Laws and Joel M. Kaye
Authors (Stranger Than Truth!): Rob Heinsoo, Robin D. Laws, and John Tynes
Editor (Stranger Than Truth!): Zara Lasater
Cover Artist (Stranger Than Truth!): Robin Jenkins
MSRP: $19.95 (Pandemonium print, ouf of stock), $13.95 (Stranger Than Truth! print, out of stock)
Atlas Stock #: AG3300/MiB3300
Barcode: None
Format: 176 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound (Pandemonium), 96 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound (Stranger Than Truth!)
Release Date: 1993 (Pandemonium), 1994 (Stranger Than Truth!)