The People's Pin

The People's Pin at a Glance

  • The People's Pin symbolizes the revolution and is worn proudly by revolutionaries.
  • It signifies a commitment to avoiding re-education after the revolution.
  • Originally offered as an add-on reward in the 2018 Cogs and Commissars Kickstarter, The People's Pin is now accessible for purchase by all comrades.

About The People's Pin

The People's Pin is a symbol of the revolution. Revolutionaries wear this soft enamel pin to show they will need no re-education after the revolution arrives. The People's Pin was originally available as an add-on reward in the 2018 Cogs and Commissars Kickstarter and it is now available for sale to all comrades.

Cogs Peoples Pin

Vital Stats

MSRP: $10.00
Atlas Stock #: AG1433
Format: soft enamel pin
Release Date: 2018