Cogs and Commissars Product Line

The glorious card game of robot revolution!

The Revolution Will Be Mechanized!

Cogs and Commissars is a clever card game of glorious robot revolution, where players control the means of production.

Most-Equal “Apparatchik” Edition

The deluxe edition of Cogs and Commissars was available only to Kickstarter backers, and directly from Atlas Games while limited supplies last.

It contains neoprene mats for each of the faction leaders, screen-printed wooden citizen counters, a censors-only envelope to prevent unauthorized access to the rules, and a foil-stamped, die-cut, spot-varnished, magnet-closure box.

People’s Pin and Politburo Pin

Two pins were produced as part of the Cogs and Commissars Kickstarter campaign. The People’s Pin is available for ongoing sale, while the Politburo Pin is no longer available.

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