Friend or Foe?

Characters of the Edge

Friend or Foe? at a Glance

  • Put your networking skills in play with this collection of ready-to-go characters for Over the Edge first edition.
  • Thorough tags and indexes make it easy for you to find the right GMC when your players make a move you didn’t anticipate and you need a character pronto.
  • Compelling backgrounds and story seeds make it easy to build plot off of the characters within for those days when you need a plot boost.

The People in Your Neighborhood: More about Friend or Foe?

Who are you looking for? Someone to show you around the Edge on the cheap? Someone to get you in touch with the magician you're looking for? The guy who's asking a lot of questions about your neighbors? The one that gives you a funny feeling. It all seems innocent enough, but you know better.

Friend or Foe? is a collection of thirty-four GMCs for Over the Edge first edition. Easily add a character to your game when it takes an unexpected turn. Descriptive tags and lists make it easy to find what you need. Or use the new powers and story ideas within to spark a plot idea and run with it.

Friend or Foe? is out of print. It requires Over the Edge first edition to play.

Friend or Foe?: Contents

  • Introduction
  • Kyemba Adoko
  • Arenel
  • Nordica Barron
  • Rixa Bekker
  • Alexandria Bennett
  • "Springheel" Jack Coogan
  • Anastasia Crowley
  • Elaine Czarny
  • Gordon "Whiny" Dobson
  • Gerard Duplat
  • Mesut Economou
  • Fat Benny
  • Denise Felder
  • Andrew Garret
  • Federico Georno
  • Giorgos Antonio Hamati, Ph.D.
  • Geoggry Hienzen
  • Hun Ku-Gong
  • Commander Kismet
  • Ishaq al-Masha
  • John Krishna Mohammad
  • Finola Montague
  • Dr. Morpheus
  • Michiko Nariga
  • Anima Nee-Owoo
  • "Pork," Veritas Salomi
  • Keewatin Razutis
  • Tony Red Hawk
  • El-Hajj Hamid al-Samman
  • Silk
  • V.1 aka Veedot One
  • Guillermo Venzor
  • The Mysterious Dr. Zilch
  • Butheina Zuhar
  • Appendix: GMC Locations

Vital Stats

Editor: Jonathan Tweet
Authors: Richard Bark, Steven Cook, Bryant Durrell, John Janek, Thomas M. Kane, Walter Ladwig, Robin D. Laws, John Nephew, Anthony S. Polito, Greg Stolze, Bruce R. Turner, and Jonathan Tweet
MSRP: $10.95 (softcover, out of print), $7.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG2302
Barcode: 1-887801-13-8
Format: 64 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 1994