Over the Edge Legacy Product Line

The Roleplaying Game of Surreal Danger

Welcome to Al Amarja, the mysterious mediterranean island that is home to all that is sinister and bizarre. If it troubles you in your dreams, if it scares you, if you hope it isn't true, you'll find it here. This is the setting of Over the Edge, the roleplaying game of surreal danger. 

Since its 1992 publication, Over the Edge has become a cult classic, with a core of devoted fans and a raft of critical acclaim. Its subject matter and its innovative approach to game mechanics still define the cutting edge of roleplaying games, with free-form character generation, an open game setting, and elegant mechanics that allow more time for character and story development, rather than crunching numbers.

The supplements for Over the Edge are incredibly diverse, but with just the 240-page core book and a few six-sided dice, you have everything you need to begin your own Over the Edge series!

The Wanton Role-Playing (WaRP) System

The rules system for theOver the Edge RPG has been released under the Open Game License. Its official name is the WaRP System (Wanton Role-Playing System), and a new WaRP logo has been released along with it under the OGL (without a special trademark license). The WaRP System Reference Document (SRD) contains the basic rules system used in Over the Edge, but not the game's unique setting. (Interested parties may contact Atlas Games about licensing the setting separately.)

(version 1.0)

The release of the WaRP System was just part of our year-long celebration of Over the Edge's 20th anniversary, which also included the release of the limited edition deluxe 2nd Edition core book. Enjoy!

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