The Sourcebook of Secret Agents

Cloaks at a Glance

  • Set off on clandestine missions with this secret agent sourcebook for Over the Edge second edition.
  • Enough secret agent material to fuel a thousand conspiracy websites! Tons of background material and plot ideas to help generate ideas for your stories.
  • Provides interesting gadgets, fringe powers, and GNCs that you can use even if you never run a story about espionage.

Encoded Transmissions: More about Cloaks

This book is a carefully encrypted communication to all sleeper agents. Decode the instructions. Your years of silent immersion will soon be at an end. If you are in danger of discovery, leave the book unattended at an airport. Someone will confiscate it. Make sure to plant someone else's prints on the book.

For those of you who aren't agents, this book is exactly what it looks like. It's a sourcebook about secret agents for Over the Edge second edition. None of it's real, obviously. It contains a variety of useful resources, including new gadgets and fringe powers, compelling characters, and plot ideas large and small. Use it in your games, which are definitely not real.

Cloaks is out of print. It requires Over the Edge second edition to play.

Cloaks: Contents

  • Introduction
  • How to Do It
  • Yesterday's Hero
  • Club St. Augustine
  • Agents
  • Frills
  • Toys
  • Shivs
  • Dossiers

Vital Stats

Author: Jonathan Tweet
MSRP: $17.95 (softcover, out of print), $9.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG2303
Barcode: 1-887801-61-8
Format: 88 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 1998