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Fear Not, Brave CatStronauts!

Look for it in stores in January 2025! 

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CatStronauts at a Glance

  • Whimsical art and humor that both kids and adults enjoy
  • Cooperative missions highlight teamwork and introduce cool science concepts
  • Based on the acclaimed graphic novel series by Drew Brockington

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About CatStronauts

CatStronauts is a hilarious graphic novel series about a team of brave space cats who go on amazing adventures. They solve problems like restocking supplies, station malfunctions, and other space challenges. The fearless Major Meowser, hungry pilot Waffles, genius inventor Blanket, and clever scientist Pom Pom use teamwork, friendship, and science to save the day!

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In the official board game, you'll play as as one of the beloved CatStronauts characters as you expand the CATSUP space station with new modules, to complete your mission before time runs out! 

CatStronauts: The Board Game features a single-player mode, easier rule variants for younger players, and an expansion that can accomidate up to 6 players!

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