Lunch Money Product Line

Fight the playground for your lunch money

Lunch Money and Beer Money Games at a Glance

  • A series of standalone, fast-paced card games that bring the pain to your table.
  • Knock-down, drag-out fights on the playground or on the street.
  • Combine sets or add expansions to bring more pile-driving variety to your battles.

The Worlds of Lunch Money and Beer Money

The world is a harsh place, and two of the most brutal spots can be found in these card games. In Lunch Money, the players step into the shoes of playground combatants, to beat down bullies and take their lunch money.

Beer Money takes the fight to the streets for an equally brutal battle, where you can take your enemies down with a beer bottle or a knuckle sandwich.

Combine sets to expand the game for five or more players, or just to add variety to your beatdowns.

Combat Tactics: Lunch Money and Beer Money Basics

The Lunch Money and Beer Money card games are quick, portable, and easy to play.

Use cards from your hands in brutal attacks to siphon off your opponents' pennies. Protect your own money by evading attacks or disarming opponents. All this in a simultaneous play style that makes for a fast-paced fight fest.

Half of the fun is in the narration! Play your cards with a sing-song taunt, or describe exactly how your character leaps off a nearby car to attack like death from above.

Characters who run out of pennies fall unconscious and lose the game. The last one standing gets all the cash … and all the glory!


  • 1999 Pyramid Magazine's The Millenium's Best Card Games list, Lunch Money
  • 1996 Origins Award Winner – Best Card Game, Lunch Money